Terms and conditions

1. Introduction

The present general conditions of use of the web page, regulate the terms and conditions of access and use of https://taligram.org, hereinafter, Taligram, that the user of the website must read and accept to use all services and information that is provided from Taligram. The mere access and / or use of the website, all or part of its contents and / or services means full acceptance of these general conditions of use.

2. Terms of use

These general conditions of use of Taligram regulate the access and use of Taligram, including the contents and services made available to users in and / or through Taligram, either by Taligram, either by its users or by third parties. However, access and use of certain content and / or services may be subject to certain specific conditions. Taligram reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time.

3. Taligram as directory

Taligram is a directory of groups, channels, bots and stickers of Telegram, being a directory, the content is created by users. Taligram reviews all the content that its users upload so that it adapts to the provisions of point (4) of these terms. If a group, channel, bot or sticker does not comply with these terms or violate the law, it will not be accepted by Taligram's moderation team.

4. Content not allowed

The user may NOT use Taligram to transmit, store, disclose, promote or distribute content that:

  • Support racism, xenophobia or homophobia.
  • Be used to support bullying and cyberbullying.
  • Incite hate.
  • Are illegally pornographic or indecent.
  • Containing extreme acts of violence.
  • Violate the laws of the user's country, Spain, Amsterdam, European or international laws.

5. Obligations of the User

The user must respect at all times the terms and conditions established in these general conditions of use of Taligram. The user expressly states that he / she will use the portal diligently and assuming any responsibility that may arise from the breach of the rules.

6. Change content

If a group, channel, bot or sticker that has been sent by a Taligram user, and after having been reviewed by the moderation, this changes its content and does not adapt with the provisions of point (4), it will be eliminated from Taligram

7. Disclaimer

Taligram does not own the groups, channels, bots and stickers, nor are they added by Taligram, but by the users. Taligram is limited to review the content to comply with the provisions of point (4). The responsibility of what happens within the group, channel, bot or sticker depends on the user who created said content and Telegram, in no case Taligram.

8. Privacy

Taligram has a privacy policy, which is accessible from here.

9. Legislation

The present conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with the Laws of Spain. For any claim, the courts and tribunals of that country will be competent. All notifications, requests, requests and other communications that the User wishes to make to the Taligram administration must be made by email and it will be understood that they have been correctly made when they have been received at the following address [email protected]

10. Changes

Taligram reserves the right to make changes to its terms and conditions without prior notice. Last change: 05/26/2018.