Telegram Bots trendings

Bot send random gif or picture with hot girl.
Sexy girls, no naked, but links to their webcams ;)
Магазин игр и аккаунтов Steam с огромными скидками! Так же есть возможность заработать на рефералах и вывести реф. баланс себе на кошелёк.
Bot lleno de utilidades y diversion con diferentes comandos, pensados para crear un ambiente divertido en grupos. No es un Bot con antispam, pero tiene una larga lista para avisar si alguno ingresa a un grupo. Creado en PHP con websocket sobre la API de Bots Oficial de Telegram.
Play Poker in Telegram. Play with your friends in a close party or create a match with random people from Telegram.
You can use me to build a bridge between two different groups or use it to log important messages!
VorTech: everything what you need for your: phone, computer,, iphone, etc you can get it on the VorTech bot just join and enjoy
Bot can translate all chat messages to other languages
Bot-wishlist - can track prices of any items in any online shops for you. All your desired things from any online stores in a single list. Just send links to the items and as soon as they become cheaper the bot will send a notification to you.